Google like it’s 2001!

Google has found their oldest index dating back to 2001 and made a home for it in honour of their 10th anniversary. Apparently the google bots weren’t on to me yet despite the fact that I had my first website in 1998 booooooo.


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iPhone App School at Stanford

Think the iPhone isn’t the game changer it’s hyped to be? Stanford has launched an initiative to create new campus ready software for the iPhone in conjunction with Stanford student run TerriblyClever Design and a new iPhone Programming class that the school is offering this fall. They’re already testing 5 applications on campus that help with everything from tuition payment to getting Stanford sports scores. Just as you think back now about life was like before the advent of the internet, we’ll be looking back in a few years wondering what life was like before the iPhone. Find out more about the Stanford project here.

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Synecdoche, New York

Charlie Kaufman’s new mindfuck looks amazing. I still think he and Michel Gondry should collaborate, it would probably open a wormhole or something. Check out the trailer for Synecdoche, New York here.

EDIT: Duh…They worked together on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I thought was massively overrated. I just blew my own dreams to smithereens.

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Sophie Can Walk

Vice and Street Carnage founder Gavin McInnes has a daughter who couldn’t walk until she was like 18 months oldish. This is the story of their family’s struggle.

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New Seinfeld Microsoft Ads

Well everyone’s been waiting patiently for this to arrive since it was announced months ago that Crispin Porter + Bogusky was taking over a healthy piece of the Microsoft account. Here’s the first slice of the $300 million pie and I think they’re off to a pretty good start.

They were faced with the challenge that Microsoft is a brand that has never been synonymous with fun. Microsoft has also seemed to be way too many things at the same time. When I think of Microsoft Windows I see it in so many incarnations, from dusty old desktops to fast albeit clunky laptops with too many vulnerabilities. When you think of Mac you think sleek, sexy, and most of all, simple and cohesive. Microsoft needs something familiar, something that when you see it you say “that’s Windows”. Is that going to be Jerry Seinfeld? I actually kind of hope it’s going to be Bill Gates. Why not be the face of the brand? Remember this from his CES 2008 retirement address?

Mac might have made the geek look like a loser but that can change; geeks can be endearing. Windows needs to move from cold to endearing and I have a feeling that’s where they’re going. Windows needs to inspire if it’s to have any chance. It also needs to drop a few jokes along the way and stop being so stuffy, which I think they’ve achieved here.

This is gonna be a hell of an exercise in rebranding and if there’s anyone who will achieve the impossible or die trying it’s Alex Bogusky. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one plays out. That being said, I’ll still never give up my Mac.

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Watch U.S. video content with Netshade

My friend Grant just sent me this video of a little program called Netshade in action. It’s a program that supplies U.S. proxy servers to reroute your connection and give you access to U.S. only web content. This seems like something that must have been done before but I’ve yet to see it. There are public proxies (slow) or you can upgrade to a paid public proxy IP through Netshade for $30. I wonder how long something like this can last given all that could go wrong with it (i.e. illegal content through their server) but I’m looking forward to trying it out. The other issue is that it appears to be browser based so it won’t work for things like torrents and iTunes Music Store. Oh and it’s Mac only for all you PC losers out there. Eff ya!

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Dan Wieden Super Dad on Campaign

It’s funny where this thing keeps popping up now two months later. Apparently I was written up on Brand Republic in the UK a couple weeks back and just saw it now. Check out the mini article here.

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